Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is hands down one of the best PDF editors available today — if not the best. And, it’s leagues ahead from the other big player in the industry — Adobe Acrobat. Whether you are a sole professional, a business owner, or part of an organization, Nitro Pro has everything anyone can ever need. If you are still on the fence about switching to Nitro Pro, these 15 reasons should help you make up your mind pretty quickly.


Unparalleled User Interface

Nitro Pro’s user interface is a complete blast to work with. All options are laid down in a Microsoft Office-inspired ribbon-based design, which means that the majority of users are ready to work with Nitro Pro right from the get-go. And, it’s fully customizable as well. How cool is that?


Numerous PDF Creation Tools

Nitro Pro excels at providing a host of incredible tools that let you both create and edit PDFs with relative ease. Optimized and streamlined technology that powers this unique application means less time dealing with obscure and outdated formatting restrictions and more time spent on crafting terrific-looking PDF files.


Import Numerous File Formats

Nitro Pro supports over 300+ file formats, which means that you aren’t restricted to simply building PDFs from scratch — which it already excels at. Documents, images, designs, etc., are all easily importable, and the advanced rendering engine converts everything seamlessly with minimum formatting issues when saving them to PDF.


Merge Files Easily

If you posses multiple files that you’d rather have in a single unified format, you don’t have to keep wondering how to do that anymore. With Nitro Pro’s Combine functionality, getting dozens of files merged together is pretty much simple. Just drag and drop files in the sequence that you want them to appear, and you are done!


Export to Popular Formats

PDF isn’t just the only format supported by this phenomenal PDF editor. You can also save both PDFs that you build from scratch as well as files imported into the program to a variety of popular file formats — Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. Nitro Pro also allows for seamless PDF archiving in the PDF/A format.


Unprecedented OCR Functionality

OCR capabilities are pretty much expected out of any PDF editor, but Nitro Pro’s Optical Character Recognition technology is quite something. Expect blazing fast conversions of images to text with near-zero formatting issues. Normal documents are also crawled automatically for snippets of scannable text.


Completely Automate Tasks

If you ever get tired of dealing with repetitive tasks such as file conversions, comment removals, OCR scanning, etc., that’s where Nitro Pro’s Batch Processing feature saves the day. Just specify what you want done, and this feature takes care of things automatically. Also, you can choose to chain together multiple tasks in almost any sequence. Awesome!


Collaborate With Others

Collaborating with your clients and colleagues have never been as easier as with Nitro Pro. Just share the files with anyone whom you want to work with, and you can choose an array of tools to annotate and markup files in real-time. Expect a collaborative environment similar to that of Google Docs.


Protect PDFs Easily

Protecting and securing PDFs are just another trivial task with Nitro Pro at your disposal. Securely redact sensitive information, lock down PDFs with passwords, and create security certificates for trusted contacts. Even better, you can choose to securely sign PDFs to create legally binding documents. And that translates to less paperwork. Yay!


Auto-Form Filling

If you hate dealing with tons of documents, then that’s where Nitro Pro’s advanced form detection technologies come into the picture. Not only does it automatically detect and fill data intelligently, but the feature also lets you use QuickSign functionality to automatically fill in documents with your signature. Thanks to this feature, automating any form-filling task is a no-brainer.


Dedicated Cloud Storage

Nitro Pro brings to the table free cloud-based storage. Yes, you heard that right! Free. And it isn’t some subscription to a generic cloud-storage service either. Instead, you gain access to Nitro Cloud, a proprietary service tailored to uploading, syncing, and collaborating all things PDFs. Finally, you can drop that expensive — yet mediocre — cloud storage subscription that you were paying for all along.


Runs on Any Computer

Any standard computer should be able to run Nitro Cloud with practically no performance issues. A streamlined and optimized rendering engine makes this possible, which is something rarely seen nowadays especially with bloated applications such as Adobe Acrobat. If you were thinking about upgrading your PC, you can stop worrying.


Work on Any Device

Yes, Nitro Pro is only installable on Windows-based devices. But, that doesn’t prevent you from working on your PDFs using your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Just sign into Nitro Cloud, and you can directly access and edit PDFs via an emulated Web-based interface. How awesome is that! No excuses whatsoever now to not make that quick e-signature or add in a comment while travelling!


Tailored Versions

Nitro Pro is a PDF editor for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you have limited options when it comes to getting the best version that works for your situation. With three packages — Individual & Team, Business, and Enterprise — available, you can easily determine how much you need to pay for.


Lower Cost

If you didn’t already know, Nitro Pro is one of the lowest-priced PDF editors available. In fact, it costs just a fraction of what you would normally pay for something like Adobe Acrobat. And with the deep discounts available right here at, you don’t have to pay even that much either!