Top 10 Nitro Pro Features That You Need to be Aware of

Nitro Pro is quite possibly the best PDF editor currently available for use. There are numerous reasons for wanting to go with Nitro Pro — super-intuitive user interface, numerous supported file formats, seamless collaborative features, etc. The list goes on and on. In short, it’s leagues ahead of the competition. But, there are still quite a lot of features that aren’t readily advertised, and takes a certain amount of knowledge beforehand to get to. Let’s find out what they are, and why you should definitely plan to make use of them.


Customize User Interface

Nitro Pro features one of the most intuitive user interfaces yet seen in a PDF editor, but that doesn’t mean that you have to just stick to it. In fact, you can choose to fully customize the default Home tab to include any feature of your liking. How awesome is that?

To get to this feature > Click Home > Click Add Tools

Simply select the Tools you want to add, and voila, you should find them placed neatly under the Home tab. There is a limit of 5 features that you can add at any one time, but since the Add Tools feature is already at your fingertips, that won’t matter at all.


Combine Files

You must already know of the fact that Nitro Pro allows you to import over 300+ files formats, ranging anything from just simple documents to complex 3D designs! But, it’s a little known fact that you can merge dozens of files into one seamless PDF. Super cool, right?

To get to this feature > Click Home > Click Combine

On the Combine Files window, you can directly import as many files as you would like, which are then displayed in thumbnail format. This makes dragging and rearranging files in the order that you want to merge them a breeze.


PDF Archiving

If you have dozens of documents that you’d not rather want to deal with, then Nitro Pro’s PDF archiving features should come in pretty useful. The documents necessarily don’t have to be in PDF; just about any Nitro Pro supported format would do.

To get to this feature > Click Convert > Click PDF/A

You can immediately choose between the PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b, or PDF/A-2u formats depending on what type of archiving you prefer. Should be pretty useful in a business environment.


Process in Batches

Performing the same task over and over again is never fun, but that’s where Nitro Pro’s Batch Processing feature comes in to save the day. Thanks to this, you should now find dealing with mundane tasks such as file conversions, comment removals, etc., much easier.

To get to this feature > Click File > Click Batch Processing

You aren’t even limited to a single task. Simply sequence together any number of tasks, specify what you want accomplished, and let Nitro Pro do the job instead!


OCR Scanning

A pretty much standard feature on any PDF editor, but easy to miss out with all the features available at your disposal. However, the advanced rendering engine featured within Nitro Pro’s PDF editor means that you gain access to some of the most accurate conversions of images to text.

To get to this feature > Click Review > Click OCR

Just upload an image, perform an OCR scan, and you should be good to go in no time. Even better, OCR functionality kicks in automatically when you are on normal documents with scannable text-based images. Phenomenal functionality.


Bates Numbering

If you are a professional in the legal or medical fields, then you know how vital Bates Numbering is when dealing with documents. Nitro Pro once again proves how awesome it actually is by bundling in this feature as well.

To get to this feature > Click Page Layout > Click Bates Number

You can choose to add Bates Numbering to either one or more documents. In the case of the latter, expect numbers in sequence to spread out over files while you keep working on.


Use JavaScript

Nitro Pro features an impressive array of form-building features — checkboxes, radio buttons, text boxes, etc. But, did you know that you can use JavaScript to further enhance the quality of your work?

To get to this feature > Click Forms > Click JavaScript

Anyone worth their salt in JavaScript should be able to generate awesome PDF forms using the JavaScript console built in to the application. Make sure to give it a try.


Email as Attachment

You want to send out a PDF as an attachment, but you know it’s a drag when it comes to browsing and attaching files to your emails. And by the time you have those files attached, you’ve already forgotten what you wanted to write. Sounds familiar? But, that’s where Nitro Pro saves the day.

To get to this feature > Click Share > Click Email Attachment

Any PDF opened within a tab should now be automatically attached to a new message within your default email client, and you just have the task of composing the email remaining!


Search & Redact

Nitro Pro provides an outstanding text redaction feature. But, what if there are multiple instances of the same portion of text that you want to redact. The answer is pretty simple; just use the Search & Redact tool.

To get to this feature > Click Protect > Click Search & Redact

Enter what you want to redact, and apply the action to every detected portion of text instantly. The tool is also ideal when what you want to redact is hidden away in a lengthy document.


Trusted Contacts

Yeah, you can password-protect a PDF. But with the sophisticated technologies that hackers use these days, there’s always a risk of comprising a document. Don’t worry, because that’s where the Trusted Contacts feature come into play.

To get to this feature > Click Protect > Click Trusted Contacts

Just add a contact that you want to share a document with, and they get sent an encrypted security certificate. This means that even password-protected documents are only accessible to anyone with such a certificate. An awesome way to provide an additional layer of security.


Hope You Enjoy It

That’s it! We hope that you enjoy working with Nitro Pro as much as we have. There are a ton of additional features hidden away that we are sure that you’d love. If you are still wondering whether to take a leap with Nitro Pro, just know that is the only place anywhere on the Internet to get the entire PDF editor for just a fraction of the usual cost. So, stop worrying and give it a try!