Nitro Productivity Suite - Seamless Connectivity

Import, create, and merge PDFs. Choose to work with over 300+ formats for unprecedented versatility.

Super-intuitive ribbon-based user interface allows for massive increases in productivity.

Save your PDFs on Nitro Cloud for unparalleled backup capabilities. Enjoy a dedicated storage location for all your PDFs.

Work on PDFs wherever you go. Web-based user interface lets you work on your PDFs on any device.

Collaborate on business-critical documents and securely sign PDFs wherever you are. Just sign into Nitro Cloud on any device to get the job done.

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Do you want access to a PDF editor that isn’t complex in its approach? Are you looking for an application with the ability to convert hundreds upon hundreds of files to the PDF format? Or do you want to a comprehensive PDF solution with seamless connectivity at all times? If so, then Nitro Productivity Suite might be the perfect fit for you. With the ability to create, convert, automate, an protect PDF files easily, combined with a super-intuitive user interface that make it a breeze to work on even the most complex of tasks, Nitro Productivity Suite offers unparalleled functionality never before seen in a PDF editor. So, let’s dive in and check out the various features present in this awesome application.

Work on PDFs Immediately

Unlike other PDF editors, Nitro doesn’t confuse users by hiding away options under layers of menus or dialog boxes. Rather, it uses a simplified user interface with a neat Microsoft Office-inspired ribbon that neatly displays all available options under grouped tabs – Home, Convert, Review, Page Layout, Forms, Share, Erase, and Protect. As you can see, the features present under each tab are pretty obvious, with the Home tab containing commonly used options, the Convert tab providing all available conversion tools, and so on.

Nitro Productivity Suite also gives you the option to fully customize the user interface. For example, you can choose to directly add or remove the various options present under the Home tab, and that means you can just have just about any tool that you want for considerably faster access – an intuitive Add Tool window makes adding and removing options a breeze. Finally, the entire Nitro Productivity Suite user interface supports opening multiple documents at once, and switching between documents is as simple as clicking the file name on the tabbed application layout.

Multiple Options to Edit PDFs

Nitro PDF Pro provides a plethora of options that make editing PDFs both fun and enjoyable. The super-intuitive user interface plays a large role in making that happen, where most editing actions are just a click away. Choose to directly modify or add text, insert pre-built or custom shapes, add drawings, etc., quickly and easily. Unlike alternate PDF applications, Nitro Pro displays readily editable PDFs, and with the advanced rendering engine in place, the application imposes fewer restrictions on how exactly you want your edits to be made. The PDF editor also supports Bates Numbering, which you can use to easily index complex legal documents.

The application also includes numerous tools to create fully-fledged forms from scratch. Choose to easily add selectable fields, text fields, check boxes, combo boxes, list boxes, and whatnot quickly and easily. Nitro automatically configures your forms to work by linking inserted items to each other, but you can also enhance functionality via custom JavaScript that you can create and add directly. Inserted objects can also be conveniently snapped to an invisible grid, so you create forms quickly and let Nitro Pro list them neatly instead.

When it comes to scanned documents, Nitro’s OCR features are quite unprecedented. The application detects all scanned portions as soon as you import a file, and instantly prompts you to perform an OCR run-through. Nitro’s advanced rendering is sophisticated to convert even the most minute of details, and you should be able to work on a fully editable document in next to no time. What makes things even better is the multiple languages that the OCR feature support, which should prove to be massively useful.

Convert and Merge 300+ Formats

Nitro Productivity Suite isn’t just limited to being a PDF editor – in fact, it’s a lot more than that. If you have documents in various other formats, or even files that are actually presentations, spreadsheets, or images, you can in fact import them to Nitro – 300+ file formats are supported. Imported files are automatically displayed as editable PDF files, where Nitro’s advanced rendering engine fits everything neatly with near-zero formatting issues. After editing the files, you can easily save them to the PDF format. Quite useful, right?

Even better, you can also import multiple types – from varying file formats – at the same time, and if you want, you can choose to merge each file into a single unified PDF file. Things get even better – not only can you just merge each file, but you can also arrange the order in how you want each file to appear within the PDF. All of this happens via a dedicated window that presents all inserted files in thumbnail format – Nitro Pro also lets you dive into each file and perform in-depth modifications and edits to individual files before the combination process.

Automate Complex Tasks

Nitro Productivity Suite lets you easily automate complex tasks thanks to the built-in Batch Processing feature bundled in with the application. Whether you are looking to convert hundreds of files to the PDF format, create editable documents using optical character recognition, or apply password security to batches of PDFs, you can use Batch Processing to significantly cut down on time otherwise wasted to repeating complex and tedious actions over and over again.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Nitro also lets you chain multiple tasks into sequences in any order that you prefer – for example, you can choose to delete metadata, execute a JavaScript, delete certain pages, and then archive the files to the PDF/A format. Creating sequences are as simple as dragging and dropping actions in any order that you want them to be executed, but don’t let that fool you – also expect an in-depth Properties panel for task that you can use to configure everything to the utmost minute aspect.

Completely Protect Documents

Just like any good PDF editor, Nitro Productivity Suite provides a ton of features that you can use to secure documents from unauthorized access. When it comes to sensitive information on documents, for example, you can choose to redact portions of text using whiteouts. All redacted items are completely shredded via a proprietary algorithm to prevent retrieval software from removing deleted data. Further, you can also choose to redact multiple instances of the same portion of text or object using Nitro’s Search and Redact feature.

Nitro also features the ability to apply passwords with military-grade encryption, but it doesn’t stop at just that. You can also create and send security certificates to trusted contacts as an additional safety measure, which only allows people with the appropriate certificate tied to a certain password to access documents in the first place. Created security certificated can be easily managed via a dedicated portal within the Nitro Pro user interface itself.

Connect and Collaborate

Nitro Productivity Suite is fully integrated with Nitro Cloud, a proprietary cloud-based service that provide a number of advantages when it comes backing up files, sharing documents, or collaborating with others. Let’s take a look at what each of this means for you. Primarily, Nitro Cloud serves as your primary backup location, and you don’t have to pay any additional fee to be able to do that. Files stored on Nitro cloud can be easily shared with others in the form of links – recipients can either access the files directly via Nitro Cloud or choose to download them depending on the permissions granted.

Collaborating with others is where Nitro Cloud functionality really lies. You can easily choose to share any PDF over Nitro Cloud with other users, and work together on files in real-time. Choose to use Nitro Pro’s vast repertoire of reviewing tools – call outs, notes, and comments – to make your entire experience insanely productive. Markups and annotations made are instantly visible to person on a shared document, and the overall functionality is quite phenomenal.

Open Documents Anywhere

Nitro is a PDF editor tailored for Windows operating systems, but that doesn’t you from accessing nor working on your documents from basically any other device. But, how is that made possible? While the desktop application does include the majority of core features that make for an amazing Nitro Pro experience, there also ease a Web portal accessible through Nitro Cloud that you can still use to perform an array of tasks. And, it doesn’t matter if you are using a tablet, a smartphone, or a PC running Linux – you can access it on any Web-browser. Very useful when you want to, for example, make that quick edit while travelling.

Minimum System Requirements

Nitro Productivity Suite is a fully optimized PDF editor, and regardless of the massive amount of features available at your disposal, the application handles tasks quite well even on PCs with standard hardware. It’s not surprising when the minimum system requirements stand at just a single core processor and 1 GB of RAM. When it comes to operating systems, Nitro Pro runs with no issues on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, so you really don’t need to have a Windows 10 PC to gain access to the plethora of features that the PDF editor has to offer.

Should I Buy It?

With seamless on-the-go connectivity, tons of editing tools, numerous file formats compatibilities, and unprecedented security features, Nitro PDF Pro stands as a shining example of how PDF editors should really work. If you are looking for a PDF editor that’s both feature-packed and intuitive to use, then you don’t need to look any further than Nitro Pro. Choose to perform a plethora of tasks, collaborate with others, and access your documents anywhere using this unique PDF editor. And, you get to do all of that at just a tiny fraction of the cost of other alternatives, so make sure to go grab this sooner rather than later.