Nitro Productivity Suite - Perfect Adobe Alternative

Create PDFs from scratch or import and convert alternate file formats to PDF. The choice is yours.

Supports over 300+ files types. Convert numerous formats with near-zero formatting issues.

Bulk Processing automates numerous built-in functionalities and allows for massive increases in productivity. 

Built-in Nitro Cloud technology lets you easily share and collaborate on PDFs with others. Yes, all in real-time.

Super-intuitive design and program framework allow for blazing fast performance on even standard desktops and laptops.

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When Nitro first launched in 2005, it was passed on as just another insignificant application that opened PDFs. It didn’t, however, fall away into obscurity. Fast-forward to 2018, and Nitro is breathing on the neck of the biggest player in the industry – Adobe Acrobat. In fact, Nitro now brands itself as the single best alternative to Adobe’s flagship product, and things couldn’t be more truer.

The latest Nitro release, Nitro Productivity Suite, makes the whole concept of working with PDFs both smarter and easier. Unlike Adobe Acrobat, it doesn’t rely on obscure menus or complex options to get the job done. Rather, Nitro makes everything from creating and editing PDFs, converting files to alternate formats, to securing documents, conveniently simple. In short, it’s a blast to use.

Office-Like User Interface

What makes Nitro Productivity Suite so convenient for use personally or within an organization is the user interface. If you’ve used Microsoft Office products, you’ll feel right at home. It’s a smart move by Nitro to implement such a popular design in their products, and one of the main reasons for the massive gains in market share. No longer do you have to waste time trying to learn – or train others – the locations of the various options available, since the Office-based ribbon interface is pretty much intuitive.

Thinking about converting a PDF document to an alternate format? Not to worry. Just glance at the ribbon interface and you’ll find a tab dedicated to file conversion, with an additional group of options located right under the Home tab for even faster access. Or maybe you want to Share your file with someone else? In that case, you have the share tab just ready and waiting. A bunch of other tabs include the ability to perform various actions from reviewing pages, creating forms, redacting documents, to protecting PDFs. The application also lets you modify the user interface and move around available features to show up the way you want them to appear.

Easily Create PDFs from Scratch

The number of ways that Nitro Productivity Suite lets you create PDFs is simply mind-boggling. For example, you can start to build your own PDF with nothing but a blank sheet, where numerous PDF authoring tools ranging from inserting text, adding images, to modifying items are just a click away. Dedicated tabs – dubbed Properties, Alignment, Format, etc. – appear seamlessly once you start to work on a PDF, thereby putting a massive amount of control into your hands. Whether it’s performing something as simple as changing the opacity of an item or as handling a task as complex as aligning multiple items, you should be able to find an option that does the job for you easily.

Now, that isn’t the only way that you can create a PDF file. Maybe you have a Word or Excel document that you would rather prefer in the PDF format. Well, not to worry. Just import the file into Nitro Pro 11, and you should be able to save it back as a PDF in practically no time. You also don’t have to worry too much about formatting issues either. Nitro Productivity Suite features an advanced conversion engine that minimizes such issues. Of course, you can manually resolve the odd placements of items or further edit the document, but if you are in a hurry, the Save As option should do the trick just fine.

And, here comes the most exiting feature within Nitro. Just in case you didn’t know, you now have support for over 300+ file types, but what if you want to convert a bunch of them all at once, or even better, merge them into a single PDF file? Just load all the files at once, and Nitro gives you the option to fully merge the files. You can then practically organize the sequence of the files by dragging the items into order. Further, you can move into a file – Word, Excel, TXT, doesn’t matter – and sort out the order of pages within as well. Sounds awesome, right?

Converting Files

We talked about easily converting files to the PDF file format. But, what if you want to do the exact opposite instead? Maybe you want your PDF file to be in Word instead. Not to worry. With Nitro Pro 11, that’s just another simple task. You have a dedicated Conversion tab where you can specify the format that you want the PDF file to be in. Currently, the application supports exporting to the DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX formats, as well as a number of image-based formats – PNG, JPEG, TIFF, etc. If you want to archive your PDFs, you also have the PDF/A format ready and waiting.

Now, you may want to do a mass conversion of PDF files into alternate formats, and that’s where Batch Processing comes into the picture. Basically, you can use the Batch Processing feature to not just convert files, but to do a range of other tasks as well. Do you want to, for example, remove any existing comments within your files? Or, maybe you want to delete certain pages, rotate items, or execute JavaScript commands. Yes, you can do all of that using Batch Processing. And guess what. You can also create multiple actions that the program can follow. Just add both the Delete All Comments and Convert to Word actions in sequence and you should get your documents converted to the DOCX format with comments removed seamlessly.

Editing Files and Scanning Documents

Let’s talk a bit more about the various editing features present within Nitro Productivity Suite. Perhaps you moved a document into the application. So, what can you do with it? Well, all the tools are at your fingertips just as it was when building a PDF from scratch. Choose to add, delete, or modify both text and images easily. Also, there are a ton of additional features that let you insert logos, place watermarks, add dynamic bookmarks, etc. If you have multiple items that you want to replace with a particular action or item, Nitro lets you do that as well. For example, redacting text can be done easily, but you can also enter any other criteria and automate processes for matching contents within a document.

Any good PDF editor should have a complete arsenal of OCR tools at its disposal, and that’s where Nitro Productivity Suite shines. Just add any scanned document, and you are automatically prompted to convert it to a readable format. Unlike Adobe Acrobat, it presents an editable version of the scanned document in next to no time. Also, the smart conversion engine that Nitro Pro 11 uses does away with redundant artifacts in scanned contents and the end result should be largely devoid of formatting errors and other such issues.

Collaborating and Reviewing

Nitro's host of markup tools make reviewing and collaborating on PDFs a complete breeze. Whether it’s highlighting text, adding text boxes, calling out items with arrows, or adding notes and comments, you can do all of that with practically no issues. Nitro also feature a host of pre-set stamps that you can use to instantly authenticate items with minimum hassle. Any markups that you perform are universal, and can be viewed and modified on other PDF editors such as Adobe Acrobat.

When it comes to collaborating with others, all it takes is to send the file over Nitro Cloud. If you didn’t know, Nitro Cloud is a dedicated platform that allows you to securely share files with others. Basically, you can invite anyone with Nitro Productivity Suite over Nitro Cloud, where you can then work with multiple people to either mark up or edit documents. Real-time notifications and viewing analytics make the whole process of collaborating with others both efficient and enjoyable.

Securing Documents

Nitro PDF features built-in functionality that lets you securely sign documents, where you can add signatures using the PDF editor’s QuickSign functionality. Rather than limiting you to simply generating pre-set signatures out of your name, QuickSign also lets you add custom signatures where you can either draw them or insert your very own signature via scanning. Nitro Productivity Suite also features the ability to automatically detect appropriate forms fields that require signatures, thereby making signing batches of documents a whole lot easier. All signatures that you add are legally binding, with multiple audit trails present to verify authenticity. Also, signed documents are fully encrypted using 256-bit encryption protocols for absolute safety.

Work from Anywhere

Nitro Productivity Suite supports only Windows-based devices. That doesn’t, however, limit you from working on your PDFs on other devices. Thanks to Nitro Cloud, you can securely store your PDFs on the cloud and access them via a Web browser on a Mac, tablet, or smartphone. Expect a full range of editing features to be present when working on your documents this way. What’s more, Nitro is also integrated into third-party storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box, which makes accessing your documents on other devices ever easier.

Should I Go for It?

If you don’t like the obscure design features or the steep learning curved associated with Adobe Acrobat, then Nitro Productivity Suite should be the perfect fit for you. With an intuitive user interface, multiple PDF creation options, bulk processing features, and numerous reviewing tools, there’s really nothing to complain about in this awesome PDF editor. Add in support for secure signing, cloud collaboration, and multi-device support, and you have access to one of the best PDF editing applications in business. In short, expect to improve both the performance and productivity of yourself and that of your organization with Nitro.