Nitro Productivity Suite - Enterprise-Grade Solution

Enterprise-grade solution that delivers greater employee productivity and increased document flexibility.

Universal ribbon-based user interface lets you deploy the application throughout your organization without wasting time on training.

Proprietary Nitro Cloud technology allows for seamless collaboration between employees. 

Support for hundreds of file formats negate the requirement to spend money on conversion utilities.

Dozens of PDF-creation tool-sets allow for unprecedented versatility. Dedicated file conversion and OCR capabilities further enhance your PDF-creation experience.

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Nitro Productivity Suite is among just a few applications to offer enterprise-grade PDF editing functionality, and probably the only one that can fully exceed Adobe Acrobat’s strong position in the PDF industry. The San Francisco-based development team behind Nitro Productivity Suite has been at the game long enough – since 2005, in fact – to know what exactly its customers want, and you’d be surprised to learn about the various features that this PDF editor brings to the table. Let’s begin by talking about the unique user interface that Nitro Productivity Suite sports, and then explore the various functionalities and security measures that this PDF editor comes bundled with. All the while, you’re going to hear about why each core feature is very useful for almost any type of organization.

Less Training, More Working

Obviously, getting a new application deployed throughout an organization involves significant expenses on retraining employees in regards to the various features and how to access them. With Nitro Productivity Suite, however, all of that is made moot due to the unique user interface that it sports. With a familiar Microsoft Office-inspired ribbon that neatly displays every option from building PDFs to protecting them, your employees should have no trouble getting even the most complex of tasks done.

Even better, the default Home tab within the Nitro Pro ribbon features a number of common options for everyday use. Further, you can find an Add Tools option that allows you to fully customize the Home area by inserting almost any option from other parts of the ribbon. Quite useful when it comes to accessing even complex options quickly and easily. The user interface also supports multiple tabs, which means that employees can work on multiple PDFs on the same window and quickly switch between with relative ease.

Build PDFs or Import Documents

Nitro Productivity Suite’s PDF editing and creation features are quite unprecedented. Thanks to the unique nature of the user interface, you have quick access to tools that let you inset text, images, shapes, forms, etc. Unlike alternate PDF editors, Nitro Pro uses a unique rendering engine that imposes the least amount of restrictions, thereby letting you imagination run wild. If things get too out of hand, a nifty Smart Alignment tool is just a click away to seamlessly fit each inserted item immediately.

The PDF editor also support numerous file formats – document, presentation, spreadsheet, images, etc. This means that you can easily import them as fully editable PDF files with minimal formatting issues, edit them, and then save the files as PDFs. If you have access to various files that you would rather have in the PDF format instead, then this is the way to do it. In fact, you can also archive imported files in the PDF/A format if you so wish, thereby making the entire functionality quite useful when it comes to numerous files that need archiving.

Importing files and converting them doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to keep doing the same action for individual files. Thanks to the tabbed nature of the Nitro Productivity Suite user interface, you can import dozens of files from various files formats and convert them to PDFs all in one-go. You can choose to re-arrange files by dragging and dropping files in sequence via an intuitive Combine window. What makes the whole functionality even more amazing is that you can also re-arrange or delete certain pages from individual documents during the combination process as well. An insanely useful feature for almost any organization, since you no longer have to waste time and money on third-party tools to achieve similar functionality instead.

Nitro Productivity Suite’s OCR scanning features are also remarkable. Scanned documents can be converted to completely editable PDFs with minimum downtime, thanks in large to the advanced detection engine featured within the application. Nitro Pro also features smart technology that automatically detects and provides notifications on potentially convertible portions of text even on documents that aren’t scanned in the first place.

Automate Tasks En-Masse

Performing certain tasks repeatedly isn’t the most fun of experiences, and that’s where Nitro Productivity Suite’s Batch Processing functionality comes in to save the day. Your employees can now perform common actions such as file conversions, metadata removals, and OCR conversions for hundreds of documents all in one go. Just specify the application what exactly needs to be done, and save hundreds of man hours while Nitro Pro does the job instead. The perfect tool when it comes to drastically increasing the productivity and efficiency of your organization.

And that isn’t all. Batch Processing also features additional functionality with the use of sequences. Employees can automate not just one, but many tasks in any order that they want. They can, for example, delete metadata, rotate pages, add password security, and convert the files to PDF. It’s just that simple. Each action also has its own Properties panel within the sequence, allowing employees the ability to fine tune tasks to the absolute minor detail.

Secure and Protect PDFs

Nitro Productivity Suite doesn’t leave your organization out in the cold when it comes to protecting sensitive information on PDFs. Employees can find redacting tools readily available when it comes to hiding phrases, paragraphs, or objects within documents. A search and redact feature makes it possible to streamline the process when it comes to redacting multiple instances of the same item. Further, Nitro Pro also features the ability to completely remove the metadata from documents, which is quite useful; you can also automate this process using Nitro’s Batch Processing feature.

You can also make use of various other features to actively protect your PDFs. For example, you can choose to prevent unauthorized access to certain documents through the use of passwords, and you can make things even more safer by authorizing and sending out security certificates to trusted contacts – this feature prevents others from opening protected documents even if a password gets compromised, and you can also actively manage your security certificates directly from Nitro Productivity Suite itself.

Signing PDFs are another feature that make Nitro Pro a valued contribution to your organization. No longer do you or any of your employees have to deal with printed documents and signatures when legally binding e-signatures are just a click away. Nitro Productivity Suite also features the ability to automatically detect form data and fill out personal information and signatures without any input on your part, which means less time spent on mundane tasks such as signing numerous documents.

Collaborate in Real Time

Like any good PDF editor, Nitro Productivity Suite includes a range of annotation and markup tools that make collaborating with others a breeze. Make comments, perform callouts, and highlight items that are visible not just for other Nitro Pro users, but for those that use alternate PDF editors such as Adobe Acrobat as well. The application also lets you stamp documents, either by using built-in stamps or custom ones created from images – quite useful when you want to certify documents, for example.

It doesn’t stop at just that. Rather than reviewing documents all by themselves, employees can get together over Nitro Cloud – a dedicated cloud-based service integrated into the application – where they can then perform edits, comments, and other annotations in real time. People without Nitro Pro can also be invited to collaborate – albeit with some limitations – that makes the entire a functionality a must-have for any organization.

Fast Performance on PCs

Nitro Productivity Suite contains a ton off features almost unheard of in a PDF editor, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend money on hardware upgrades to accommodate the added functionality. In fact, Nitro Productivity Suite can run on just about anything. With minimum system specifications requiring just a single-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, you obviously don’t have a spend an additional dime to deploy the application across your organization. The same goes for software upgrades as well – Nitro Productivity Suite runs fabulously on Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems, so you can stop worrying about spending a lot of money on an organization-wide Windows 10 update.

Work on Multiple Devices

Nitro Productivity Suite has an obvious limitation since it only runs on Windows-based devices. However, that doesn’t prevent your employees from accessing their work on other devices. Nitro Productivity Suite features a nifty Web-based portal where all documents saved to Nitro Cloud are readily accessible, no matter the device. Your employees can now work on their PDFs whether they are at work, at home, or while travelling. All it takes is a smartphone or tablet to get Nitro up and running. Phenomenal functionality at no additional cost whatsoever.

Multiple Available Plans

Nitro has up to three tiers of plans suitable for almost any organization – Individual & Team, Business, and Enterprise. Obviously the Individual & Team plan is the perfect way to acquire Nitro for teams below 50 people, and usually costs just a fraction per license to what you’d usually pay for alternate PDF editors such as Adobe Acrobat. On the other hand, the Business and Enterprise plans are ideals for organizations above and below 500 users respectively, and you can directly negotiate on discounted rates by directly talking to the Nitro sales team.

Should I Buy It?

No matter the size or scope of your organization, Nitro Productivity Suite does everything from what you’d normally expect from an enterprise-grade PDF solution. Whether you are looking simply build PDFs from scratch, convert files to PDF en-masse, automate multiple complex tasks in sequence, or collaborate with other users, Nitro makes doing all of that insanely trivial. With Nitro, increase productivity, reduce document challenges, and enhance performance at just a fraction of what you normally pay for.