Nitro Productivity Suite - Absolute Performance

Built from the ground up with performance in mind. Perform intensive tasks using minimal system resources.

Everyday functions are completely streamlined thanks to a super-intuitive user interface that allow for tremendous improvements in performance.

Nitro Productivity Suite's Bulk Processing functionality lets you fully automate both complex and common tasks, resulting in massive productivity enhancements.

Use Nitro Cloud technology to store your files in cloud. Also, choose to share your documents and collaborate on them in real time.

Work with hundreds of file formats (300+) simultaneously without breaking a sweat. Also choose to merge different formats to PDF.

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When it comes to software, it’s usually a trade-off between more performance and less features or vice versa. That obviously doesn’t apply to Nitro Productivity Suite, however. With features packed to the brim that should make even the most savviest of tech geeks happy, combined with blazing fast performance even on standard PCs, Nitro defines what it means to be the best in business. Whether you are looking to build PDFs from scratch, convert alternate documents to PDF, protect sensitive files from unauthorized access, or collaborate with colleagues in real time, Nitro lets you do all of that and a whole lot more. So, let’s delve in-depth into the various features that this PDF editor has to offer.

Availability and Pricing

Nitro Productivity Suite contains all the bell and whistles in a single package, and you don’t have to pay more to gain access to additional features. However, there are a number of tiers when it comes to licensing – Individual & Team, Business, and Enterprise. With the Individual & Team plan, you can purchase up to 50 licenses for a fraction of the cost than what you’d normally pay when it comes to alternative PDF editors such as Adobe Acrobat. The Business plan is ideal if you have a business that requires anywhere from 51-499 licenses, while the Enterprise plan provides massive value for money when you require more than 500 licenses.

Blazing Fast Performance

Nitro comes with tons of features, but what makes it a phenomenal application is the performance that it generates even on low-spec computers. Expect the application to load in just seconds, and execute resource-intensive tasks in practically no time. The minimum system resources requires just a single core processor and one gigabyte of RAM, which means that you can run the application on just about any computer that you own. Don’t be fooled, however. The lower system spec requirements lie purely due to smart programming, so expect some of the most sophisticated features ever on a PDF editor.

Familiar User Interface

Nitro Productivity Suite comes bundled in with a ton of features but that doesn’t mean that you have to manually wade though complex menus and dialog boxes to get to them. Rather, you’d find the user interface highly familiar thanks to the Microsoft Office inspired ribbon at the top of the Nitro window. You should find practically anything that you are looking for under the various tabs of the ribbon – Home, Convert, Review, Page Layout, Forms, Share, Erase, and Protect. Let’s briefly look at what each tab means for you.

By default, you are on the Home tab, which contains access to a number of commonly used options such as selecting items, inserting text, adding signatures, converting files, etc. You can also manually customize how the Home tab appears and insert whatever options that you believe are best for you. On the other hand, the Convert tab provides access to the various conversion tools available at your disposal, while the Review tab contains a number of annotation and markup tools when it comes to reviewing PDFs.

Page Layout provides multiple options for inserting, bookmarking, linking, and doing a whole host of other stuff to PDFs where you can pretty much look at each page in thumbnail format – insanely useful functionality. The Forms tab provides quick access to whatever items that you want inserted to forms – fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. Finally, the Share tab lets you easily collaborate with others in real time, while the Erase and Protect tabs let you perform various protective actions on sensitive documents.

Build PDFs Easily

Nitro Productivity Suite’s PDF creation tools are a blast to work with. Easily choose to add text, shapes, and images to newer or existing PDFs. Building forms are also made easy thanks to the plethora of tools available – add text fields, create checkboxes and radio buttons, insert combo boxes, and create JavaScript to run on documents. The ribbon-based interface really shines in this regard since all it takes is just a couple of clicks to access even the most complex of options.

Pre-exiting documents, presentations, images, and 3D designs – 300+ files formats to be precise – can also be easily imported, edited, and saved to the PDF format. Quite phenomenal to say the least. And, you aren’t limited to importing a single document either. Choose to do the same to hundreds, or even thousands – provided that you have enough system resources – of documents and seamlessly combine and convert them to the PDF format.

A dedicated window displays each document where you can rearrange them in any order that you like. Even better, you can further dive into any document and re-arrange individual pages, delete or rearrange pages, or make other modifications. When saving to PDF, you can determine between size and quality depending on how you intend to use the file – sharing on the Internet, for example. One of the best and most useful functionalities that you can ever expect out of a PDF editor.

Converting Files

Yes, you can readily import well over 300+ file formats, edit them to your hearts content, and save the files as PDFs. But can you do the opposite of that? Well, not on such a huge scale, but Nitro does support a limited number of popular file formats. For example, you can choose to easily convert PDFs to the DOCX, PPTX, or XLSX formats, as well as to a number of image-based formats such as JPG, PNG, and GIF. Particularly useful when you want to switch to Office-based applications to modify your work, or when you want your PDF pages to appear as individual image files. Further, Nitro Pro also supports the PDF/A format when all you want to do is archive your files.

Automating Tasks

Getting tired of performing mundane tasks all day long? Apparently, the developers of Nitro Productivity Suite thinks so, and that’s where Batch Processing functionality comes into play. Choose to easily perform a ton of tasks such as document conversions, comment removals, and metadata deletions to dozens of documents. And even better, you can also choose to chain together actions for phenomenal results. Do what really matters and let Nitro take care of those boring tasks for you instead. Fascinating, right?

Protect Documents

Protecting documents from unauthorized access is another key area that Nitro excels at. You can easily password-protect any file that you create, import, or convert using the PDF editor, and Batch Processing also makes it possible to apply passwords to multiple files at once. Now, the development team behind Nitro Pro obviously knows that passwords aren’t the best form of defense on any given day, and susceptible to hacking.

To circumvent this issue, Nitro Productivity Suite instead lets you issue security certificates to trusted contacts. These certificates contain a specific key relating to the hashes of password-protected documents, and only a person with a certificate may unlock a file. Even better, Nitro lets you manage issued certificates remotely, so you can revoke the certificate for any contact directly via the application itself. Alternately, you can request certificates from other people as well – ideal when dealing with sensitive documents that you are about to receive from someone else.

That isn’t all. Nitro Productivity Suite also includes built-in functionality that allows for redacting sensitive portions of text on documents. All redacted items aren’t just hidden from view, but related data are securely shredded to prevent them from being recovered using retrieval software. And where there are multiple instances of information that require redacting, Nitro Pro lets you conveniently search for matching items and apply the redactions instantly. You can also choose to completely delete any metadata associated within a document when it comes to hiding the origins of a document.

Real-Time Collaboration

Nitro includes its fair share of annotation and markup tools that you can easily use when it comes to reviewing documents – highlighting text, calling out items, adding notes, etc. Markups performed are also visible on alternate PDF editors, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues either. Other unique features available include the ability to seamlessly summarize documents, measure distances between objects, place stamps on files, etc.

However, having access to all those tools doesn’t mean that you have to review PDFs all by yourself. Rather, you can choose to get together with your colleagues and seamlessly collaborate among each other in real time. Thanks to the inclusion of Nitro Cloud technology, all it takes is to share a file with other contacts over the cloud to begin collaborating. Alternately, you can also opt to share files with others by sending out links of documents saved on Nitro Cloud, which prompts users to download them directly from the cloud and saves time otherwise spent on email attachments.

Adding Digital Signatures

Nitro Productivity Suite comes with proprietary QuickSign technology that makes certifying documents a breeze. Just add your signature – via scanning – to Nitro, and you can instantly start creating legally binding documents complete with multiple audit trails for maximum authenticity. Further, you can also make use of Nitro’s form-field detection functionality to fill out personal details and add e-signatures automatically – quite useful when it comes to dealing with numerous documents that require certification.

Should I Buy It?

With deep roots in the PDF industry dating back to over a decade, Nitro Pro brings some of the best functionalities yet seen in a PDF editor. Numerous tools let you focus on creating top-notch PDFs and forms, while deep compatibility with hundreds of file formats put Nitro Productivity Suite leagues ahead of the competition – easily choose to automate tasks using Batch Processing, protect documents with security certifications, collaborate with colleagues in real time, and certify documents with e-signatures. With Nitro, the possibilities are endless.