Individual & Team, Business, or Enterprise? What Version You Should Choose

Nitro Pro is a highly customizable solution for anyone — self-employed professionals, small businesses, and large scale organizations should find it a terrific for all PDF-related tasks. And surprisingly, it’s just one single product version that does everything! The secret? An ability to easily scale to almost any level. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do the entire job of scaling the product to fit to your needs. In fact, Nitro features three plans — Individual & Teams, Business, and Enterprise — that should help you out immensely in that regard. Let’s take a deep look at these three plans so that you can better identify what exactly you require.


Individual & Teams

The basic Nitro Pro plan is ideal for individuals and teams — hence the name. However, there’s a limit of 50 licenses, though that won’t be an issue for most. Anyone looking for a smarter Adobe Acrobat alternative, intuitive tools that you can customize the way you want, or automate document challenges for increased productivity, should definitely go for this plan.

Nitro Pro sticks to its one-version-for-everything approach, so opting for this ‘basic’ plan doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to lose out on any core features. An easy-to-learn user interface, creative PDF building toolsets, unprecedented file conversion capabilities, and much more is simply just a purchase away.

You don’t have to go for the full plan of 50 licenses either — just purchase the amount of licenses that you actually need. Further, you are also entitled to discounted rates for each additional license that you buy, which makes the whole thing a terrific option for the majority of small businesses looking for a comprehensive PDF solution.

If you — or you team — aren’t all that tech-savvy, you can also opt for a Software Assurance package, albeit at a minor cost. However, the dedicated customer service that you receive — fast response times and access to global support — makes it an awesome addition that you should definitely look into. Even better, it also entitles you to a free update to the next version of Nitro, which is simply phenomenal value for money.



If you are part of — or own — a business with anywhere from 11 - 499 employees, then the Business plan is a package that you should absolutely look into. In addition to getting all of the awesome features expected of Nitro Pro, you can also expect direct help from Nitro itself when it comes to installation and rollout to business-wide onboarding. Forget technical-related stuff; Nitro has you covered on that front.

If you are an IT administrator, you’d also be delighted at how easily the entire product can be deployed on each computer. Remote management of core features is also made possible thanks to the various policies that you can impose on any individual license or device. And if things get tricky, you always have Nitro’s dedicated team of customer support professionals to help you out.

As mentioned earlier, Nitro Pro lets you select up to 499 licenses, and rather than imposing a set fee upfront, you need to talk directly to Nitro for a quote. Pretty awesome since you can then negotiate on the amount of support that you need for a successful deployment of the product. And hey, you just might be able to negotiate a better fee if you know some negotiation skills!



Nitro Pro’s final plan is its Enterprise package, which is ideal for even the most largest companies in the world. Not a joke since over half the companies listed on the Fortune 500 apparently uses Nitro to get the job done! That alone speaks volumes, now doesn’t it? Nitro Pro’s easy-to-learn user interface, automated features, and unique PDF building features allow for significant costs savings for any major company, and that can happen to you as well.

Just like with the Business package, you need to talk to Nitro Sales directly for a quote. Bulk license purchases almost always net you a discount, and you can negotiate other aspects — such as customer support — while you are at it. Expect premier benefits such as a dedicated Customer Success Manager, change management consulting, a comprehensively guided onboarding and rollout plan, and much more with this awesome package.


Decided Yet?

So, have you decided on what package you want to get? If you are still on the fence about the whole thing, we are here to help you make that decision even easier. Would a neat Nitro Pro discount help you make up your mind? At, we let you buy Nitro Pro at some of the cheapest prices ever. It already costs way less than other PDF editors, not to mention the other bulk-buying discounts that you are entitled to, so just go for it! We are sure that you’d love it!