Nitro Productivity Suite - Seamless Connectivity

Work on PDFs like never before with dedicated PDF creation, editing, and conversion tool-sets.

Import files from over 300+ formats, and export your work to dozens of document-based formats.

Review, share, and collaborate on PDFs in real-time with a range of markup and annotation tools.

Open and edit your document anywhere. Doesn't matter if you are on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. 

Super-intuitive user interface lets you start working on your PDFs as soon as you install Nitro Pro.

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Nitro Productivity Suite is an application like none other. It includes numerous features that put it well and above traditional PDF editors such as Adobe Acrobat, and does all of that in a completely intuitive fashion. Rather than taking itself all too serious with complex technicalities and hidden options, Nitro Pro’s unique approach actually makes it fun to work on PDFs. Whether you are looking to import and convert a file to PDF, automate mundane tasks in the background, or protect documents with military-grade passwords, Nitro Pro lets you all of that easily and a whole lot more. And, you get Nitro Pro functionality wherever you go, which makes it a truly versatile PDF editor.

Ribbon-Based User Interface

Nitro Productivity Suite’s user interface is one of a kind. It allows for easy access to almost any option that you want, and is highly reminiscent of the ribbon interface on native Microsoft applications. Editing, converting, and sharing PDFs are a whole lot easier thanks to the simplicity of the interface, and a glance at the ribbon usually lets you know where a particular option resides. Even better, you can also fully customize the user interface and place any option that you frequently use under the default Home tab. Nitro Pro sports a multi-window tabbed layout, which means that you can work on more than a single document at the same time.

Edit and Convert PDFs

Nitro Productivity Suite makes editing PDFs a breeze. Unlike Adobe Acrobat, you don’t have to endure unintuitive controls just to make a minor modification or insert text, since all open PDFs are fully editable. Choose to insert text, add images, resize objects, align items, etc., easily. Further, you can also choose to import files from alternate formats for editing – documents, spreadsheets, designs, etc. Nitro Productivity Suite then lets you save the files in the PDF format, and depending on what you intend to use it for, you can choose between quality and file size.

To be exact, the number of supported file types stand at over 300+, which means that pretty much any file that you come across can be imported and converted to PDF. The application also features a host of options for building forms from scratch – choose to spice things up with checkboxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, and barcodes. Inserting an item is as simple as placing your cursor where you want it to appear. Also, you can create and add JavaScript as well as import content from other PDFs to your forms.

Automate Tasks

Nitro Productivity Suite lets you fully automate tasks that get too tedious or mundane to perform manually. Thanks to the Batch Processing functionality bundled in with the program, you can configure certain actions that the program can then apply to large amounts of documents all at once. For example, you can specify the program to delete all comments from marked up PDFs, rotate certain pages, or create OCR conversions. And, you aren’t limited to performing just a single action either. In fact, you can chain together multiple actions in sequence for tremendous automated capabilities.

Review and Collaborate

If there’s one thing that Nitro Pro does better than the competition, it’s providing the ability to collaborate on documents. The PDF editor provides numerous tools to markup documents, and all annotations are universal and appear on alternate PDFs as well – that puts to rest any issues with compatibility. And rather than reviewing PDFs all by yourself, you can choose to share your work over Nitro Cloud and collaborate in real time with peers. Make edits and perform various markups with input from colleague to enhance the quality of your work as well as improve efficiency.

Protect Documents

Nitro Pro 11 features numerous ways to protect PDFs from unauthorized access. You can instantly start securing sensitive documents with 256-bit military-grade encryption that makes it a nightmare for anyone to hack through. In addition, the PDF editor also lets you send security certificates to trusted contacts, which means that only those with prior approvals can access documents regardless of any other protective measures in place. Further, you can choose to conveniently manage your list of trusted contacts remotely at all times.

Adding Signatures

Nitro Productivity Suite’s support of digital signatures is quite something. Thanks to its proprietary QuickSign technology, you can easily create legally binding documents complete with audit trails for maximum authenticity. You can add your signature to Nitro Pro easily via scanning or using several built-in styles. When it comes to signing documents, the application features the functionality to automatically detect fillable fields, thereby allowing you to go through batches of files in practically no time.

On-The-Go Connectivity

You don’t have to get to a desktop whenever you want to make that quick edit or perform an e-signature on a document. Instead, all it takes is to sign into Nitro Cloud – already integrated into the application – from any device and perform whatever that you intend to do via a dedicated Web portal. It’s refreshing to have access to such functionality, and it also prevents you from having to install additional stuff to be able to work on your PDFs from practically anywhere.

Should I Buy It?

Nitro Productivity Suite is a PDF editor that does it all. You can build PDFs from scratch, import and convert alternate formats to PDF, creating terrific-looking forms, password-protect documents, collaborate with others, as well as perform a whole lot more. Combine everything with a super-intuitive user and the ability to work on documents from basically any device, and you have access to an application that’s worth every penny that you spend. Stop fretting around and go get it already.