Nitro Productivity Suite - Perfect Adobe Alternative

Import dozens of file formats and easily convert them to the PDF format. You aren't restricted to just a single format.

Work with over 300+ file formats. Merge different file formats into one single PDF with minimal formatting issues.

Nitro Pro's proprietary Bulk Processing feature lets you fully automate tasks while simultaneously improving productivity.

Share and collaborate on PDFs via dedicated Nitro Cloud technology. Gain access to numerous markup and annotation tools for unprecedented PDF reviewing capabilities

Microsoft Office-inspired design and intuitive user interface lets you start working on PDFs without wasting time relearning everything.

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If you are starting to get tired of Adobe Acrobat’s unintuitive approach to PDF editing and authoring, you don’t have to stick with that bloated mess of an application just for the sake of it. With Nitro Pro, you have a much superior alternative, and from the look of things, it may totally eclipse Adobe Acrobat in the very near future. Whether it’s a super-intuitive user interface, numerous PDF authoring tools, or unprecedented file conversion capabilities, Nitro Pro has a ton of things going for it that Adobe’s PDF editor can only dream of. So, let’s find out what this awesome PDF editor has in store.

Ultra-Intuitive User Interface

Adobe Acrobat is a nightmare to use, right? Clunky menus and obscure options don’t help when it comes to staying focused on your work, but that’s where Nitro Pro begs to differ. With a ribbon-based user interface largely reminiscent of Microsoft Office applications, you can instantly locate options related to whatever task that you may want to perform. Whether you want to do a quick file conversion or share your work via Nitro Cloud, just a quick glance at Nitro Pro’s ribbon-based user interface is all you need. What’s more, you can also re-arrange the ribbon interface to display each option in any way that you want them to appear.

Unprecedented File Authoring Capabilities

Nitro Pro provides you with not just one, but many ways to edit and create PDFs. Building a fresh PDF is a breeze thanks to the numerous authoring tools available at your disposable. Adding text boxes, inserting images, or drawing shapes feel natural and intuitive. Also, you’ll find Nitro Pro’s PDF authoring tools to be largely devoid of certain restrictions, thereby giving you total control over how you want your PDF to look like. Formatting tools are also present that lets you easily modify inserted items.

Nitro Pro also features phenomenal functionality that lets you save a ton of time. Say you have a Word or Excel file that you’d rather have in the PDF format, for example. Rather than re-creating the document from scratch, you can instead open it just like a PDF file. You can then make any edits and alterations using the numerous tools available at your disposal and save the document as a PDF, no questions asked. Quite refreshing to see such functionality after the restrictive PDF-only nature of Adobe Acrobat.

300+ Supported File Formats

Yes, you read that right. Nitro supports well over 300+ file formats ranging from text documents, slideshows, to images. Simply put, you can open the majority of file formats out there and convert them to PDFs with minimal formatting issues and such. Pretty mind blowing, right? And the best thing about it? You can also import files from varying file formats and merge them into one neat PDF. A birds’ eye view of imported file types also give you the option to rearrange the order in how each file gets saved within the unified PDF file, which is quite phenomenal.

Collaborating with Others

Nitro Pro natively supports seamless collaboration with other people due to its integration with Nitro Cloud. Just choose to share the document over Nitro Cloud, and you can then pretty much invite over anyone with Nitro Pro over for editing. Real-time edits using a range of built-in annotation tools make for improved productivity. There are also numerous other features – adding links and attachments, taking measurements, comparing PDF versions, etc. – that you can use to enhance your PDF reviewing capabilities when working with colleagues.

Military-Grade PDF Security

Rather than wasting time on outdated workflows and slow approval processes, you can choose to improve the efficiency of your workplace using Nitro Pro’s secure e-signing capabilities. Just add your digital signature to documents, and you create legally binding documents with complete audit trails for maximum convenience. If you are unfamiliar about e-signatures, or concerned about security issues, Nitro Pro 11’s built-in signature set-up process should put any mind at ease.

Blazing Fast Performance

You know how clunky and slow Adobe Acrobat is, right? And, you know how it further complicates problems by adding unwanted bloatware and clogging up PCs with unnecessary processes. With Nitro PDF, you have none of that to worry about. Any desktop or laptop with decent specs should be able to handle nearly anything that you throw at it with Nitro Pro installed. Each feature feels crisp and functions with no obvious delays, unlike the laggy mess called Adobe Acrobat. What’s more, you can work on multiple documents via the tabbed-interface that the application sports, thereby eliminating the need for additional instances of Nitro Pro, and in turn, more system resources.

Work on PDFs via Any Device

Nitro Pro 11 is designed to run only on PCs. Sorry, Mac users. However, that doesn’t stop you from working on your documents from any device, be it a MacBook, an iPad, or a Pixel. Just log in to your Nitro Cloud account from any Web browser, and you should be able to access your saved PDFs and edit on them via a dedicated Web-based user interface. No longer do you have to worry about running to a desktop to perform that quick e-signature when you can do that conveniently via your smartphone instead.

Should I Buy It?

Nitro Pro is a phenomenal application that puts Adobe Acrobat to shame, plain and simple. With the ability to easily create and edit PDFs, convert alternate formats to PDF, and collaborate on documents in real-time, Nitro Pro paves for way for tremendous improvements in both speed and efficiency. And, the ribbon-based user interface should help anyone save a ton of time getting accustomed to what otherwise would be a complex application requiring hours of learning. If you were on the fence about Nitro Pro, stop worrying and just go ahead and get it already.