Nitro Productivity Suite - Absolute Performance

Enjoy a performance-oriented experience that lets you build, create, or merge PDFs in practically no time.

Work with 300+ file formats. Import and merge different formats just as easily as if they were a single format.

Make use of Nitro Pro's Batch Processing functionality to improve both performance and productivity.

Collaborate and review PDFs easily with none of the complexities attached with alternate PDF editors.

An intuitive design with a ribbon-based user interface mean that you don't need to spend time learning the various intricacies of the application.

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Nitro Productivity Suite is unlike any application that you’ve ever seen. It brings in some of the best elements from reputed PDF editors such as Adobe Acrobat, and mixes them with unique well-thought out features that paves the way for tremendous increases in productivity. But, that doesn’t make Nitro Pro some kind of bloated application by any means. Expect to work on one of the fastest and most efficient PDF editors ever devised. So, let’s check out some of the amazing features that Nitro Pro brings to the table. You’ll be pulling your wallet out by the time you get to the end of this review, no doubt about that.

Super-Intuitive User Interface

Nitro Productivity Suite features one of the most intuitive and familiar user interfaces ever in a PDF editor. The reason mainly lies due to an overall design inspired by Microsoft Office applications, and in particular, the ribbon-based user interface. It’s a smart move from the Nitro development team since that means less time spent relearning complex features from scratch and more time actually working on PDFs. There’s practically no chance for you to be lost when working with Nitro Pro, since nearly every option is just a couple of clicks away.

Create PDFs from Scratch

Nitro Productivity Suite features numerous tools and options that you can use to build terrific looking PDFs right from scratch. The ribbon-based user interface makes things a whole lot easier by easily providing the actions required to add text, format contents, align items, and such. Use built-in shapes, perform custom drawings, measure items, and perform a whole lot more easily. You can also choose to work on multiple PDFs simultaneously with minimal performance issues due to the tabbed nature of the application.

Import and Convert Files

You don’t have to keep on building PDFs on scratch. If you have a document in an alternate format that you’d rather see in PDF, just import it to Nitro Pro with practically zero formatting issues. And, the ability to import files isn’t limited to just popular document formats such as DOCX, PPTX, or XLSX either. Expect support for over 300+ formats – that means practically every type of document and image-based formats ever devised.

In addition, Nitro Productivity Suite also lets you import multiple files simultaneously and merge them into a single PDF file. Arranging files imported this way is as simple as dragging and dropping, which is pretty phenomenal. And, expect everything to happen with absolutely no performance issues whatsoever even on standard PCs. Converting files to PDF is one thing, but you can also choose to do the opposite and save almost any file that you can import into Nitro Productivity Suite to popular document-based formats as well.

Process Files in Bulk

Nitro Productivity Suite lets you avoid mundane and tedious tasks with a built-in feature called Batch Processing. It lets you completely automate various tasks such as converting files to alternate formats, deleting certain pages, executing JavaScript commands, removing comments, etc. A dedicated Batch Processing window features each action that you can perform, complete with an in-depth Properties panel for each available action. You can also choose to add certain actions in sequence and process huge amounts of files easily. If you want to stay productive without wasting your time on seemingly repetitive tasks, then this is it.

Collaborate with Others

Nitro Productivity Suite features numerous tools to review and mark up PDFs. Expect highlighters, call out arrows, comment boxes, etc., at your fingertips whenever you need them. All markups are universally compatible, which means that you can instantly share them with others who use different PDF editors. What’s more, you can also collaborate with other Nitro Pro users in real time over Nitro Cloud. Very useful when you want everyone on the same page instead of waiting for others to review your work after considerable amounts of time.

Secure PDFs

Nitro Productivity Suite features a plethora of dedicated tools to fully secure your PDF files. Applying redactions on sensitive information is simple, and there’s also a Search and Redact feature to instantly redact multiple instances of the same paragraph, phrase, or object. In addition, you can also enhance protection using secure passwords, as well as send out security certificates to confidential contacts so that only they can open sensitive PDFs.

Adding E-Signatures

Nitro Productivity Suite at your disposal, you can stop wasting time adding signatures physically. Just get any documents that need signed digitally – complete with audit trails for authentication – to create legally binding documents. You can also use Nitro Pro 11’s advanced detection functionality to automatically fill out forms with your details and e-signature, making it extremely useful for instances where you want to quickly go through a bunch of documents in a hurry.

Work on Any Device

Nitro Productivity Suite can be installed only on Windows-based PCs, tablets, and laptops, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t work on devices that feature alternate operating systems. Just sync your documents to Nitro Cloud, sign in using a Web browser on any device, and instantly pick up from where you left off via a dedicated browser-based Web app. Whether you are looking to build a PDF from scratch or add an e-signature to a document, you can do all of that easily via any device.

Should I Buy It?

Nitro Productivity Suite provides some of the best features ever in a PDF editor. Whether you are looking to create a PDF from scratch, convert a file to PDF, collaborate on files with others, or protect sensitive documents, you can do all of those and a ton of things more easily. In short, Nitro Pro is tailored for almost anyone who wants to get their work done faster. If you are still on the fence about getting Nitro Productivity Suite, just stop thinking and buy it already.